Sierra From Love & Hip Hop Reveals - That She's Completely Bald Under Wig!! (Video)


Sierra from Love & Hip Hop is completely bald under her wig, MTO News has learned. Sierra explained that she began losing hair last year, after suffering an allergic reaction to steroid shots.

(see the above video)

According to Sierra, her hair first started falling out years ago - when she wore the same two wigs every day. Sierra told fans, "My hair started breaking off at the edges, then it just fell out all over."

But Sierra thought she had a solution to her hair loss - steroid shots.

Many women believe that they can grow hair back, by getting steroid shots in their scalp. Well, that strategy didn't work for Sierra.

According to the Love & HipHop star, she had an "allergic reaction" to the shots - and as a result - ALL her hair fell out.

On top of the reality star's hair woes, she is currently out of a job. Filming for the reality show has been put on indefinite hold - and likely won't start up again until 2021.