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Love & Hip Hop Miami is introducing a crazy new storyline to the show - Amara La Negra allegedly put a voodoo curse on another cast member JoJo.

Yes, you read that right . . . a voodoo curse.

According to multiple sources connected with the show, the show will explore how Amara used voodoo - or "roots" as they call it - to place a "curse" on her enemy JoJo.

One person associated with the show explains, "JoJo claims that it was either Amara, or Amara's mother that put roots on her."

For those that don't watch the show, Amara is an Dominican-American musician and multi-talented artist who is best known for being on Love and Hip Hop: Miami. JoJo, who is Mexican-American, was one of Amara's best friends.

The Love & Hip Hop insider told MTO News, "They storyline is that Amara put roots - or voodoo- on her ex-friend Jojo. It's a bit silly, but it turns out pretty exciting."

The insider claims that the producers of Love & Hip Hop are considering "using special effects" to show the effects of Amara's voodoo powers. Love & Hip Hop Miami is still filming.

And yes, we have receipts. 

Here is a preview of next week's episode where you hear Jojo clearly talking about someone "putting roots" on her: