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Akbar and Milan Christopher from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood got into a fist fight yesterday, MTO News confirmed.

The two men met up inside a parking garage in Los Angeles - and got into a one-on-one fair fist fight. 

The incident was caught on video - at least partly. In the below video, you see Milan pulling up on Akbar - who has two friends with him.

At first, Milan thought that Akbar was trying to "jump" him. But it turns out Akbar's friends were just there to watch.

After a quick back-and-fiorth with words, the two men got down to business, and fists started flying.

So what happened in the fight? An unaffiliated source told MTO News that both men got their punches in - and that no one got "beat up." But on balance, Akbar is deemed to be the one who won the fight.

Unfortunately there were no Love & Hip Hop cameras to capture the fight.

Back in July Milan went on TMZ and verbally came for Akbar's ex-girlfriend Teairra Marie. He changed his mind and thinks his ex-friend Teairra leaked her infamous sex tape herself because she’s in desperate need of psychological help. Not only that, he suspects that she leaked the tape herself while at his house.

“100% [think she leaked it],” said Milan. “She’s doing all this because I really think psychologically Teairra needs help. I think this is deeper than alcohol and drugs,” said Milan.