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Love & Hip Hop A1 Bentley's MOTHER . . . Put The DREAD EXTENSIONS In His Hair!! (PICS)


MTO News broke the story two weeks ago that A1 Bentley from Love & Hip Hop has dread loc extensions in his head. Now MTO News got some more details on hi fake hair.

According to one of the production people on Love & Hip Hop - it's A1's mother who put the extensions in his head. A1's mom is a certified stylists - who has been running her own salon now for more than a decade.

And when her son needed a new look, he asked his mom to hook him up. His mom is a fan of Blonde hair also - as you can see in the below pics.

Here's his mother:


The fake dread accusations came to light when A1 and wife Lyrica were in a fight. Lyrica took the commentary of her hair, butt, and breasts being fake with her own brand of venomous bite by claiming A1’s dreads were fake… fake as the marriage, as readers may recall from earlier reports. There’s a rumor going around about how the two are “together,” but, not “legal.”