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Love And Hip Hop's Lyrica Is PREGNANT . . . Is Safaree The DADDY????


MTO News has confirmed that Lyrica Anderson is pregnant - but who is her baby's father? Up until last night, it appeared that her baby's father was her husband - producer A1. But all that changed, now that Safaree admits to having an affair with Lyrica, behind her husband's back.

On last night's Love & Hip Hop Hollywood - Ray J confronted Safaree about rumors of him sleeping with their homie A1's wife.

Ray J tried to trick Safaree into admitting that he smashed, by LYING to Safaree by telling hi that Lyrica CONFESSED to sleeping with him to her husband. The episode ended just as Safaree finally ADMITS to the affair.

Here is the video of the final scene:

Well now here's the tea:

According to a TOP Love & Hip Hop snitch, Lyrica and A1 were "on break" last Spring - when the alleged affair took place. And given the timing of Lyrica's new pregnancy - 3 months - the date of conception is right around the time that they split.

Of course the Love & Hip Hop producers are planning on MILKING this new storyline all the way.

Anderson’s costar K. Michelle (now known as Kimberly) revealed the possible tryst while fighting with Anderson in a recent episode of the show, saying: “That’s why you’re trying to f–k Safaree … he called me and told me about all the things you’re trying to do.”

Anderson denied the claims at the time, and had “no response” when Page Six asked her about it during a new exclusive interview. But she did say that she and Kimberly “don’t have a relationship” today.

Anderson’s husband A1 told Page Six to “tune in” to the show to see the couple “figure everything out.”