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Love And Hip Hop's A1 Bentley Has FAKE DREADS . . . And We Have The RECEIPTS!!!


Last night's Love & Hip Hop Hollywood was explosive. A1 finally confronted his wife Lyrica Anderson about her alleged affair with A1'a good friend Safaree. And the confrontation quickly descended into an argument, where they both tried to expose each other.

In one scene, A1 claimed that everything about his wife Lyrica was "fake." He said her hair was fake, so was her breasts, and her butt. Well Lyrica shot bad, saying that his DREADS WERE FAKE.

Well MTO News did some digging, and we determined that what Lyrica said was true. We spoke to Lyrica's family member and they told us, "Yes that's true A1'a hair is fake. He bought it on Amazon for like $200. And he had Lyrica weave it into his nappy head."

Lyrica, in addition to being a talented singer, also has a knack for doing hair.

Her are some images of the hair that A1 bought:


Here are close ups of A1's hair. He has rubber bands on the bottom to prevent he yarn-hair from fraying at the ends.