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Love And Hip Hop's A1 And Lyrica . . . Reportedly NOT Legally Married!!! (It's One Big FINESSE)


MTO News has learned that people close to A1 and his alleged wife Lyrica Amberson - do not believe that the couple are legally married. According to one person in Lyrica's family - she claims that the couple are together, but doesn't think the marriage is "legal."

The insider told MTO News, "They don't have paperwork, I don't think" Lyrica's kin added, "I think they are together, but just no paperwork."

But that's not the only tea that Lyrica's family member spilled. She claims that Lyric and A1 are creating a FAKE STORYLINE to stay on the show. The insider told MTO News, "Ain't no way in hell Lyrica f**ked Safaree. She loves A1 and besides she wouldn't play herself like that on TV."

The insider claimed that A1 and Lyrica are trying to create a fake storyline, like Rasheeda and Kirk from Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, to stay on the show. The insider explained, "Rasheeda is friends with Lyrica and she pulled her coat, explained what they had to do to create a storyline."

As for the baby that Lyrica is carrying, her family says it's A1s. The insider told MTO news, "Yes that is A1s baby. No doubt about it."