Love And Hip Hop SCANDAL!!! Kirk Frost Is Reportedly Paying Co-Star $7,000 An Episode . . . To LIE And Say He FATHERED HER BABY!!

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Just when you thought things couldn't get any LOWER for the folks at Love And Hip Hop Atlanta - a new report comes out claiming that Kirk is "paying" Jasmine to lie - and say she's his baby mother.

The blogger Tasha K claims to have the tea. Tasha claims to have evidence that Kirk is paying Jazmine $7,000 to say that she had a side baby with him.

It wouldn't be a stretch. Kirk has hinted both on the show and during reunions that the storylines he and Rasheeda have been involved in recently may not be real. Jhonnie Blaze has also put it out there that the storyline is fake.

Last month, Kirk and Rasheeda were snapped out together at the funeral of his mother. Rasheeda holds his hands tenderly as he places a rose on her casket. We all knew that Rasheeda wasn't going anywhere. But is using a baby for a storyline going too far? Even for Mona Scott?

Is it that deep? Is a fake storyline really worth all the real drama that it is causing in their real marriage? Well, Tasha K is spilling all of the tea.

Here's what she says: