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Love And Hip Hop DRAMA . . . A1 Allegedly Had SIDE BABY On Lyrica . . . Pics Of BABY MAMA!!

MTO News just learned that the drama surrounding Love & Hip Hop's Lyrica Anderson and producer A1 just got a lot more SCANDALOUS. MTO News broke the news that Lyrica is currently pregnant with A1's baby. This is happening as Love & Hip Hop is creating a "fake" storyline surrounding Lyrica and co-star Safaree.

Well it turns out that Lyrica ain't the one that was cheating - it was A1. And word is that he may have made a WHOLE BABY behind his wife's back.

Last fall there were rumors that A1 was cheating on Lyrica with a girl from New York. The online report stated:

Allegedly, A1 and his boy ran into some girls and started vibing with the girl pictured [below]. They brought the girls to the hotel room and tried to have them sign a bootleg contract stating they couldn’t speak to the media. Then some adultery went down and they told the girls they had to leave shortly after.

As usual the girls had pics and receipts.

Here is a pic of the girl

Well the girl in the above picture recently gave birth to a very beautiful baby girl. She's been posting pics of the very pretty infant all over her social media page.

Oh, and the incident that was described above, occurred about 9 months before the girl gave birth - so at least technically - it is possible the child belongs to A1.

We're told that producers of Love & Hip Hop are exploring the A1 side baby STORYLINE for next season of Love & Hip Hop. Yes people, the f*ckery will continue.