The new season of Love After Lockup is going to be juicy. The new cast member Lacey will be cheating on her new inmate love - with another inmate, MTO News has learned.

Lacey is playing a dangerous game with her two loves this season - John and Shane. Both men are inmates, and neither knows about the other. 

Lacey began dating her old high school sweetheart John, 33, several weeks before he was locked up. And she even accepted a marriage proposal from him shortly after he went to prison for possession of firearms.

But Lacey is also dating another inmate named Shane while John sits out his prison sentence.

Lucy's playing with fire on the new season of the WE tv show. The reality star, who is an adult cam model, is also a mother to young children. 

And the men that she's playing with are - well - ex-cons. In the below clip Lacey admits that if any of her two jailhouse lovers have violent tendencies, they could come out once they learn the truth about her cheating:

According to InTouch Weekly, Lacey has a history of dating inmates.

Right off the bat, Lacey, 29, is quick to admit that she’s actually been involved with quite a few men who’ve been behind bars. First, she dated a guy named Wesley who was later sent to prison. Next up was her ex-husband, who she had three kids with before he was locked up, too. During her divorce, she started seeing John, one of her current love interests. Though they met and initially dated while she was in high school, they’ve since reconnected. The two “hooked back up” about a year ago and got engaged during the few weeks they were together before he went to jail, too.