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Four Louisiana rappers have been arrested - in connection with the theft of an AK-47 assault weapon. According to reports, the rappers allegedly stole the gun - so that they could use it in their music video.

Shreveport Police say, on January 10, four men worked together to distract the clerk at USA Pawn Shop and steal an AK-47 pistol and a .357 caliber pistol. Police apprehended all four men, and all were charged with theft.

Catching the "rappers" wasn't hard. The entire incident was caught on surveillance footage. And the video was very high quality.

Multiple local reports have identified the four men as members of a local Louisiana rap group.

Here's the video of them:

Here are three of the alleged thieves:


Police arrested Leon Williams, 24; Michael Kinsey, 22; and Darius Jenkins, 22, all from Shreveport in March.

Williams was charged with Principle to Theft of a Firearm and traffic offenses. He is currently out on bond.

Kinsey was charged with Principle to Theft of a Firearm. He is also out on bond.

Jenkins was charged with Theft of a Firearm and as a Fugitive. He remains at Caddo Correctional Center. His bond is $70,000.