Louisiana Rapper SHOT By Girlfriend On Instagram Live!! (Graphic Video)

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A popular Louisiana rapper named Bennahhunnaa was allegedly shot by his girlfriend on Instagram Live Tuesday night, MTO News has learned. The couple got into a heated argument, which was streamed over social media. And during the argument, Bennahhunnaa's girlfriend pulled a gun and shot him.

The woman claims that the shooting was in "self-defense."

Here is the video - warning contains VERY graphic content

The video starts out showing the couple arguing inside the woman's Louisiana apartment - and she asks him to leave- repeatedly. 


The woman then makes an explosive allegation - that Bennahhunnaa recently took the drug PCP (or sherm).

Things quickly escalated when Bennahhunnaa wouldn’t leave. The woman pulled a gun and threatened to shoot him. The rapper didn’t believe her and even went as far as to say he would smack her. 

The girlfriend took his words seriously and shot him once, but it's unclear if he sustained any serious injuries.

MTO News contacted police in Louisiana, and they say they are investigating the video.

Here is the video - warning contains VERY graphic content