Louisiana Cop 'Brutalizes' Unarmed Black Man; He Fights Back!! (Graphic Video)


An Alexandria, Louisiana police officer was caught on video last night appearing to brutalize an unarmed Black man. 


But this video ended a lot differently than most. Here the unarmed Black man fought back against the aggressive officer, and the cop ended up flat on his butt.

MTO News obtained exclusive footage and information on the incident.

Here is a link to the video - warning contains violence

The events unfolded when someone called the police on two African American men, who were refused entry into the hospital. MTO News learned that the men were trying to visit a sick family member. 

It's not clear why the two men were not allowed inside.

When the police arrived, the officer immediately tried to place both men in handcuffs. This action by the officer does not appear to be legal or constitutional as probable cause for arrest was not evident from the video.

One of the Black men agreed to the officer's aggressive policing tactics. The other man, 20 year old Jonathan Rhodes, questioned the officer - and was met with violence.

The officer grabbed Jonathan by his hair and struck him in the face. And that was enough to set off the 20 year old.

Jonathan fought back against the officer, and won. He knocked the cop on his butt, and started pounding the aggressive officer.

Eventually a group of bystanders broke up the fight, and Jonathan was taken into custody.

MTO News confirmed that Jonathan was charged with battery, resisting arrest, and disarming of a police officer. He was also charged with misdemeanor trespassing.

Social media already organized a fund for the young man, to pay for his legal expenses and bail.

Here is the link to his GoFundMe:


We'll be following up on the story. . . .


Here is a link to the video - warning contains violence