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Lori Harvey and Future appear to be spending a lot of quality time together, at Art Basel in Miami. The couple was spotted at two parties on Friday night, and at an art opening on Saturday.

The couple also popped up last night, at Teyana Taylor's birthday party.

Here's video of them hanging out with the birthday girl:

MTO reported last week that Lori, who is Steve Harvey's stepdaughter, has moved out of her parents' home to live with Future in his luxury penthouse apartment in Los Angeles, not far from Steve and Marjorie Harvey's Beverly Hills mansion.

It's unclear if Future's relationship with Lori will evolve into marriage or even a long term relationship. Future though has made it clear that although he already has at least 8 kids with 6 different women - he wants more.

During an interview with Big Boy of Big Boy’s Neighborhood earlier this year, he said he wants more sons but is OK with the one daughter he has already because sons carry on your legacy but daughters don't do that.

He said at the time: "I gotta have more kids. I don’t want no girls. I got one girl. Me and my boys, we are like best friends.