Lori Harvey Leaks Sonogram Pic - Twitter Thinks Pregnant By Future!!


There are rumors all over social media today, that Steve Harvey's 23-year-old daughter Lori is now pregnant by her 35-year-old rapper boyfriend Future. If true, she would be Future's 9th baby's mother and it would be his 11th child.

The rumors all started last night when Lori posted a video on IG stories. The video showed a sonogram pic laying near her television.

(see the video above)

As soon as the video leaked the rumor mill went into overdrive and people began wondering whether Lori was pregnant - and whether she would become Future's baby mama #11.

So what's the truth? Is Lori pregnant or not?

Well Steve and Marjorie, can take a collective sigh of relief, because MTO News can confirm that Lori's not pregnant.

We reached out to folks close to Lori and they told MTO News that the sonogram pic wasn't hers, it belongs to Lori's sister Morgan who is pregnant with her second child.

here is a recent pic of Morgan and her happy family: