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Lori Harvey & Future Reportedly Dating In Secret

Lori Harvey and Future split a couple of months back, but according to a source -- the couple is still dating in secret. 

"Lori and Future unfollowed each other on Instagram because fans were speculating every detail of their relationship," a source close to Lori told HollywoodLife.

"They also knew that things moved really quickly and they wanted to take some time to step back for a moment and take a break to reassess where things stood between them," they added.

It's unclear as to what is going on -- as Lori was spotted on video with Akon's brother, Bu -- hugging and getting very close in a club. 

The source adds that Future has been pulling out all the stops to win Lori back.

"Future cooked dinner for Lori at his home this past week and they're dating again. But they still aren't following each other on social media yet and at this point they don't plan on taking things public like they did in the past. They want to enjoy some time to themselves and not let the haters or critics comment on every aspect of their relationship."