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The Lori Harvey-Future love affair has come and gone. MTO News has confirmed that Steve's daughter is no longer dating the rap superstar.

Lori and Future started dating this summer, and their relationship went from 0 to 100 real quick. In just a few months, Lori moved out of her parents home, and into Future's Hollywood condo.

But the relationship appears to have fizzled out, just as quickly as it took off. Lori has moved back to Steve and Marjorie's Beverly Hills mansion.

One of Lori's close friends told MTO News, "There wasn't anything bad that happened. Lori's young, and Future's always on the road. It didn't work out."

But according to Lori's pal, the couple are still friends. Lori's pal explained, "It's no beef. They're cool."

Steve Harvey must be happy - we're pretty sure that Lori and Future breaking up was close to the TOP of his Christmas list. And Lori managed to get out of her relationship with Future without getting pregnant - which is pretty impressive.

But the real question is - which baller is Lori going to start dating next???

She recently reposted the photos Future posted when making their relationship official. Lori is wearing all-black ensemble with a cut-off top and Dior pants. She matched it with a flossy diamond necklace and bracelets

Future originally posted the same photo and caption, while on vacation together in the Middle East. The rapper used the photo to confirm months of speculation that they were dating.

Lori has previously been linked to Diddy, Diddy’s Son and Trey Songz. Future has 6 kids from 5 women. He is currently dealing with two separate paternity lawsuits.