Steve Harvey's daughter Lori Harvey is in the midst of a giant scandal brewing on social media.

A popular blogger accused Lori of cheating on Diddy - with the rapper Trouble. Trouble is best known for dating reality star Alexis Skyy. Alexis and Trouble split last month, but were in the process of reconciling - at least until the news of an alleged Lori-Trouble romance popped off.

Lori Harvey 23, has been publicly dating music mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs for almost 6 months now. And while dating, Diddy's been bankrolling her lifestyle - giving her expensive gifts and trips, and providing the young beauty with a chauffeured Maybach to drive her wherever she wants.

Yesterday, Lori met up with Trouble - and it's causing . . . well... trouble. The rapper posted a pic of Lori on Instagram, and it got people wondering - why is he posting a pic of Diddy's woman on his page? And it's not just any old pics either - the video he posted zoomed in on Lori's butt.

Shortly after Trouble's post, a popular Los Angeles blogger told her followers that Trouble and Lori were romantically involved.

Here's the post:


Well the post definitely touched a nerve, because within minutes both Trouble and Lori blocked the blogger:


And Lori and Trouble weren't the only ones who responded to the rumor. Trouble's on-again off-again girlfriend Alexis took to Instagram last night - and threw MAJOR SHADE at her bae Trouble.

She posted the below pic, with the caption, "When you n*gg*s get stupid, it's plenty on deck."