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Lord Jamar: Transatlantic Slave Trade DIDN'T EXIST . . . 'Where Are The Slave Ships??' (Read)

There's a controversial theory of Slavery that's beginning to gain traction. And it's being promoted by a number of rapper - including B.O.B. and legendary artist Lord Jamar.

The theory is that the Transatlantic Slave Trade NEVER EXISTED.

According to the theory, the trans-atlantic slave trade has been overstated - and for all practical purposes - was NOT how Blacks were brought to the America's.

The theory claims that very few black Americans are descended from Africans who were brought to America against their will as slaves. Rather, most black Americans are descended from 3 different waves of black people that came to the Americas by choice.

Sounds crazy right - well there's more.

The theory states that the first were the Black peoples who populated the Pacific Islands. The next wave were Black people from Ancient Egypt. And finally it was the black sailors from the Mali Empire that also traded with the black civilizations of Central and South America and also ended up living alongside them.

The claim is that when Christopher Columbus arrived in America, Black people were already here. Listen: (starts at 10:00)

The 49 year old rapper's real name is Lorenzo Dechalus, he was born September 17, 1968. He is a member of the hip-hop group Brand Nubian, which formed in 1989. Jamar is a frequent guest on VladTV, where he has garnered attention for his numerous controversial comments during interviews on a number of social issues, including racism, sexism and homophobia.

Lord Jamar garnered controversy after releasing a diss track towards Kanye West on February 4, 2013 titled "Lift Up Your Skirt," and also proceeded to state "gay has no place in hip-hop" which led to him being characterized by some in the media as homophobic. He has disputed the characterization, tweeting "I went to a GAY WEDDING of a good friend not long ago so I doubt I'm homophobic" in response to allegations of homophobia in other tweets.