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50 Cent did not appreciate Lord Jamar's recent remarks about Eminem and took to Instagram to accuse him of being a clout chaser - and Lord Jamar has responded.

Jamar did not take too much offense to 50's post. In fact, he stated that he expected 50 to defend the man who "changed his life."

"The same way I would expect Royce to defend Eminem, I would expect 50 to defend the person that, I guess, changed his life, as he sees it. I'm not really here to sling insults, we could give in to that, but nah. Not worth it. I'd just question why now...Did you not hear the other times that I was screaming on the homie?"

Jamar then doubled down on his initial statement that Black people do not bump Eminem:

 "Real motherf*ckers don't listen to Eminem. Yes he can rap, technically he raps at a very high level. Content-wise, voice-wise, to me, in those categories, excluding his rhyme sh*t, he's wack. The type of motherf*ckas I be around, live n*ggas, not corny n*ggas...normally, we don't listen to Eminem. There's always an exception to every rule...But that's abnormal."

He then broke it down even further:

"You can't be the king of Tacos, if Mexicans don't eat your sh*t." Lord Jamar adds that Eminem represents "white privilege."

Is he right?