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Brand Nubian emcee Lord Jamar says that the group may reunite to deliver a diss track aimed at Jamar's rap rival, Eminem.

Lord Jamar sat down with close pal DJ Vlad, where he mulled over the possibility:

"We'll see," he replied to Vlad, who asked him whether a track was on the way and wh would produce it. "Premier, send me that joint! How 'bout Just Blaze? If you not scared, I'll take one. MF Doom. Just sayin'. I can't say I necessarily want one from [Dr.] Dre. That's not necessarily my style. The people I named just now are more in my lane. Pharrell?"

He continued, "He could do it, but I feel like Pharrell has gotten to a certain level where I don't know if he'd do the type of shit I'm doing. I don't know what RZA's doing these days. I'd have to hear it. Some older Kanye -- if you went back in his older files -- then I was gonna say maybe a Daringer."

Peep the clip above.