Look At Text Messages . . . Man Left Babys Moms . . . When He Had Kid!! ('Come Get Ur Sissy Son')

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We've seen some pretty bad babys fathers in our lives. But one woman is claiming that she may have the worst babys father EVER.

An Alabama woman named KiKi claims that she dropped her son Dillon over at his father's house. He was supposed to be there for the long weekend. But Kiki claims that after just a few hours Dillon's father texted him - and asked him to come get her "sissy sn."

She published the text messages on social media - and they are hard to read. How can a man talk this way about such a handsome and innocent young child.

Kiki arrived on the scene ready to FIGHT when she came to pick up Dillon. Here's what she wrote:

Pulled up to get my baby this n*gga outside in a wheelchair with a gun and his hoe all there kapping man I tried to knocked that hoe head off long story short they ain't want no smoke and my baby back home safe

scary ass shi*t boy him and his bi*tch.!. Just happy my boy back and good hands

I'm your mommy and daddy dillan u don't need nobody else periot