Lonzo Ball's GF Had Her BABY SHOWER . .. And We've Got The PICS!!

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Lonzo Ball's girlfriend Dense is almost due - and this weekend she had her baby shower in Los Angeles.

Of course ALL of Denise's friends came to the event. And Lonzo and his parents were there too.

Surprisingly MTO News learned that NONE of Lonzo's teammates from the Lakers were at the shower. Maybe it's NOT that surprising - do men invite their homies to a baby shower??

Here are some of the images:

Back in April Lonzo and Denise found out they were having a baby girl. 

According to USA Today, "The news of Lonzo Ball and Denis Garcia having a baby initially elicited a mix of emotions from LaVar Ball. But the Big Baller, who had nothing but boys for himself, was bound to get riled up when he found out his first grandchild would be a girl."

Lonzo's father LaVar reacted on the family's Facebook show called, “Ball in the Family.” 

Toward the end of “Fatherly Advice,” LaVar and his wife Tina go to Lonzo and Denise Garcia’s place to discuss the logistics of parenthood. When Zo tells his dad that his girlfriend is going to give birth to a girl, the Ballfather is incredulous.

“It’s gonna be a girl? Is it?” LaVar asks. “Good luck. You know why I say good luck? That girl ain’t gonna listen to you at all. But soon as she don’t get what she wants, she’s gonna say, Dad. There’s a reason they call it Daddy’s Girl.”

The baby is due in July so there isn't much further to go. Congratulations to the happy couple.