Loni Love Says None Of The Ladies Of 'The Real' Should Be Blamed For Tamar Braxton's Firing

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Loni Love has addressed the firing of Tamar Braxton from The Real -- a show she helped create, saying that none of the ladies should be blamed for Tamar's firing.

"I used to be the person that was like, 'You know what? It will all blow over.' But we live in the age now of social media where it doesn't blow over. It's there forever, there are things that everyone on the show has said that are still living. So, you still have to continue to fight for your character, and I think there's nothing wrong with fighting for your character and fighting for your truth," she says in I Tried To Change So You Don't Have To.

She also addressed Tamar's departure in a recent interview:

"I think I got a bad rap, and all the girls got a bad rap. But it was really mostly on me because we weren't allowed to speak about it and when you're not allowed to speak about it, that means only one side of the story is out there," Love told ET. "Then what happens is perception from that one side becomes reality, and that's what hurts. It's so unfair, but people in the industry, they probably know, but outside people don't and that's what is totally not fair." 

"Everybody gets their day in court and everybody gets to tell their side and everybody gets to tell their truth. That's the reason why you write books -- it's to tell your truth. [...] None of the girls should have been blamed. None of us did anything."