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Loni Love may be deep in love with her boyfriend James Welsh, but during a recent episode of The Real, she shared with her co-hosts that she made him sign an NDA when they started seeing each other.

"If you know you're coming up in the world and things are happening, 'cause you notice how now, all of a sudden, like Jessica Simpson and all of them are writing these books and they're telling their side of the story and everything? Possibly if they had an NDA, they couldn't do that because that could ruin your brand," she explained.

"Somebody making false — not saying what [Simpson] is saying is false, but in general, it could really hurt your brand and could hurt you as a person. You might consider that," she then added, "I'm just saying. I have one. I made James sign one. Because the NDA isn't for him, it's because of the people around him."

Peep the clip below.