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Loni Love from The Real is no longer a single lady. Last night, she showed the world her new boyfriend, who is Caucasian.

For years, the Real host talked openly about being single and lonely. In a recent interview with The Cut, Loni opened up about her love life that everyone thinks she should have .

“The most challenging thing for me is letting people know that I’m happy,” she admitted in the interview. “People look at me and say, ‘You’re not married, you don’t have children,’ and I have to tell them that that was my choice.”

The comic went on to add that while at times her upbringing with a mother who taught her to pursue an education, get a job and settle down with a husband was the way she thought things should be done, she decided against following the “norm” in the pusuit of happiness–even if that meant she wasn’t someone’s wife.

And while she's not yet a "wife", Loni's definitely a "wifey." Lonnie released this pic of her new bae:

Unfortunately many of the comments from Lonnie's fans are not very supporting. Here is what many people are saying:

  • Whos that slopppy one...all lackin🤢😂

  • Oh...yikes...hes dating up-ur dating down(i get it)
  • I swear i hope this aint your man...-sloppppy