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Loni Love has denied the allegations made by her former friend and colleague, Cookie Hull, accusing her of emailing producers of The Real to get Tamar Braxton fired from the show.

Hull said in a recent interview that Love wanted Tamar gone so that she would be the only "ghetto girl," on the show. Love denies that assertion and said:

"I do have thoughts about that that I addressed in my book. But I will say this, anybody that knows me, knows that I will not describe myself as a ghetto girl," she shared.

"I wouldn't describe Tamar Braxton as a ghetto girl. I might say that we believe in the power of being ourselves. But ghetto girl?! I would never do that. And also, there's a lesson in this. When you try to help people, you have to watch who you help," Love continued.


"I've never been against any Black woman. My fans know that. That's the reason why I wrote this book. When you read the book, you will see. I've been trying to get the truth out for years. But here, we dealing with this reality show type [mentality]. I do address that in my book."

Watch the interview with Cookie Hull below.