Lonie Love from The Real is coming out swinging, against "haters" whom she claims are trying to downplay her interracial relationship.

Loni is currently in a relationship with a middle aged White guy named James Welsh- who is an out of work actor. There are rumors that James has moved into Loni's home, and that he may now be on Loni's payroll, working as one of her managers.

But Loni claims that she and James are in love, and that people should respect their relationship. 

The Real co-host believes she's been receiving "hate" especially from the Black community because they are "jealous" that she found a man who "likes [Loni] for her."

And she thinks that many Black people are especially upset (and possibly especially jealous) because her boyfriend is White.

Here's the message she sent - that was specifically aimed towards Black people:


Loni was recently facing a major backlash after calling out the infidelity of Black men during a discussion on The Real. 

About a week ago the Real co-hosts were talking about Joe Budden’s comments on Kevin Hart’s infidelity when Loni decided to take a quick jab at Black men. 

“I don’t speak for the Black community by I do think that a lot of Black men, they really don’t know how to have true, faithful relationships,” she said. “They think because they have money, they have power, that they can treat women any kind of way.”

It was clear that Jeannie Mai, who’s happily dating rapper Jeezy, wanted to chime in but couldn’t. However, Adrienne Bailon managed slip in a comment to disagree, saying this is an issue with all men. 

“I think sadly, in so many cultures, that is the whole machismo thing. That goes across the board,” Adrienne said.