LOVE AND SNITCH HOP???? Lovely Mimi Was ARRESTED For Drug And Gun Charges . . . And People Are Saying . . . She SNITCHED!!!!

Lovelymimi just got a real JUICY piece of information - about the ASIAN GIRL from Love And Hip Hop - LOVELY MIMI. There are folks in her old neighborhood in Maryland - who believe that she may have COOPERATED with authorities - to get people ARRESTED.

Here's what we know. Mimi - whose real name is Myha Luong - was arrested in 2013, and police allegedly found guns and drugs on her. Normally folks get FOOTBALL NUMBERS when this happens - but not Mimi.

You see the prosecutor mysteriously decided NOT TO PROSECUTE HER. Shortly afterward Mimi moved out of state to Atlanta, Georgia.

Some folks in her hometown are saying that she may have SNITCHED on folks - to get off.