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LL Cool J Agrees To Contribute To Swizz Beat's Fund For Hip Hop's Founders

Rap legend LL Cool J has agreed to contribute to Swizz Beats' effort to raise funds for the founders of the Hip Hop culture.

"This is a dream I had -- I'm not saying pay LL. I'm not saying pay Swizz. Let's come up with a plan to take care of the founders of Hip Hop. It's our duty to do it. Everybody don't have to do it. I' mma do it. To see these icons living and we're living at the same time and we know better at this point…we gotta take care of those guys," Swizz explained.

He further explained his reasons for wanting to create the fund, "The founders of Hip Hop shouldn't need medical. They should be in a great situation," he shared. "If you look at other cultures and other pioneers that started things, they're living well. I feel personally that it's a bad representation on Hip Hop that our pioneers are not being supported in a major way."

But LL Cool J said he would be down to contribute.

"I would 100 percent contribute to that -- 100 percent. Because I think it's necessary. It's the right spirit. It's the right heart. It's love. It's evolved," he replied.