The current season of WEtv's "Love After Lockup" chronicles the relationship of a couple - Lizzy and Daniel.

Lizzy and Daniel met when the two were just teenagers. And a few weeks after they met, Daniel was arrested for possession of methamphetamine and sent to prison. Daniel explained, “Right now, I’m in prison for possession of methamphetamine. I was 16 when I first tried meth. I learned the ghetto way, which was to punch the back out of a lightbulb, throw the dope in the lightbulb, and use a lighter and just smoke it.” 

Because of his criminal past, Daniel said that he is ready to get clean. He admits that drugs pretty much “controlled” his life, and he’s “ready to be clean, be sober, so I can start a life together with Lizzy.”

Well, it turns out that the couple split up, MTO News can confirm.

According to Lizzy's social media accounts, Lizzy and Daniel split up months ago.

Daniel was released from prison in January. And by May 23, it seems like the couple had already split. Lizzy posted then, “If you can’t see the value of having me by your side, I won’t convince you,” Lizzy captioned the image with an emoji of a hand giving a peace sign as well as the hash tags #wastedmytime and #hewasntworthit.

On July 12 she posted another selfie on Facebook and wrote: “You coulda had a bad b*tch. 🥀🥀”