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Lizzo's FAT AGAIN - Put Back ALL The Weight She Lost PLUS MORE!!

Pop singer Lizzo lost a startling 50 pounds recently through a combination of diet and exercise. The singer who had once claimed that she had no interest in slimming down was doing just that and was on her way to becoming a celebrity model for healthy weight transformation. 

For several weeks during her weight loss journey, Lizzo posted pictures of her working out and recipes from her new vegan lifestyle. In fact, here's what she looked like, just a few weeks ago.


And here's a sample of what she was cooking and eating - healthy low-calorie foods

But new pictures suggest that Lizzo has backed off her diet and has put back on all the weight. She even appears to have added a few extra pounds!

It's not uncommon for women to plateau after making dietary changes and in some cases regain the weight and based Lizzo's new pics.... she's no longer shedding pounds and seems to be adding.

Here's what she looks like now: