Lizzo Shows Off Her Goods For The Gram!!


Lizzo is not allowing the haters to keep her down, and posted another racy video on Instagram, proudly showing off her curves -- in skimpy lingerie.

"It’s been a long ass day 😫 🍑🤎 focus on a body part u don’t like about yourself and show it some love today. This quarantine has a lot of people suffering from mental health issues because we can’t get out and do our normal coping/self care routines.... self hatred was starting to creep up on me but I gotta remember I’m 110% that b*tch 💁🏾‍♀️ love you!" she wrote on Twitter.

Lizzo shared a video of her in a lacy two piece, with her famous cakes on full display.

Some of her followers were less than kind:

"I am on the big side and this is absolutely disgusting," one follower wrote.

"😫I normally don’t do this but she is coming into my feed I guess I come over to hers .. Gyal I can see yah not happy .. the sadness behind your eyes .. you don’t feel good about yourself I need you to be real ... Stop faking it. Show yah working out ,eating healthy stop the foolishness ... ." another fan typed.

We doubt Lizzo cares very much about the negativity though.