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Lizzo gave it up to 'MEGATRON' rapper Nicki Minaj in a q&a with her fans via social media.

When asked by a fan about her opinions on Nicki, Lizzo answered matter-of-factly:

"Here's my opinion. Influential, ground-breaking, ushered in the new wave of this generation of women in rap. Bars, punch-lines, iconic voice. I love Nicki. B*tch what?"

Nicki caught wind of the clip and retweeted it, sending love back to the outspoken star.

Lizzo prides herself on her honesty:

"When I have to make decisions, I always choose honesty, and I always stay true to myself, because I know at the end of the day that is what's going to remain," she said during a recent interview with Rolling Stone. "That is what's going to be the legend: That I was true to myself and that I honored every person by staying truthful to them."

It's nice to see so much love among the female entertainers.