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Lizzo's MTV VMAs performance was unforgettable, and the star revealed that she was drunk during the jaw dropping show.

"So this is a bottle of tequila," she told ET. "Now here's the tea: I wasn't allowed to have a full bottle of tequila, so we had one shot. And I took the whole shot on accident right before my speech. So I was lit! Whatever I said, I don't remember."

Lizzo stepped out in a corset-front trench coat, as she flaunted her curves and chugged back tequila on stage. She then removed her coat to show off her neon yellow bodysuit.

"I'm tired of the bullsh*t," Lizzo said on stage after downing the shot. "And I don't need to know your story to know that you're tired of the bullsh*t, too. It's so hard trying to love yourself in a world that doesn't love you back ... you deserve to feel good as hell. We deserve to feel good as hell!"