Lizzo: I'm Not Working Out To Have Your Body Type!!

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Lizzo is trending after she shared a video featuring several of her workouts, where she revealed that she is not working out to have your body type -- but her own body type instead.

“It may come as a surprise to some of y’all, that I’m not working out to have your ideal body type,” she says in the video. “I’m working out to have my ideal body type. And you know what type that is? None of your f*cking business.”

She continued, “Because I am beautiful, I am strong, I do my job, and I stay on my job -- So next time you want to come to somebody and judge them, whether they drink kale smoothies or eat McDonald’s or work out or not work out, how about you look at your own f*cking self and worry about your own goddamn body, because health is not just determined on what you look like on the outside.”

Y'all agree?