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Lizzo was positively glowing at this year's BET Awards, and during a red carpet interview, she gushed about her incredible "glow up."

"Last year I came to the BET Awards, I tried to go to the carpet and the carpet closed and they were like, 'You gotta just go inside'," she shared with E!

"And now I'm on the carpet doing all these interviews, taking all these pictures, feeling like that b*tch, nominated and performing on the main stage. I couldn't ask for a better glow up."

We're glad she's in good spirits.

The 31-year-old recently opened up about her battle with depression:

"Honestly, I just feel like it's important for black women to show emotional vulnerability. We are taught to be so strong and we are always showing our strength, and I love that about us, but I also want us to have the space to be vulnerable, the space to be sad, the space to cry and be human," she said via social media.