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Lizzo Goes Viral: She 'Uses' The Bathroom On IG Live . . . Did A Number 2!! (Pics)

Pop singer Lizzo is currently going viral across social media, after she did the unthinkable on Instagram. The outrageous singer/rapper/flute player woke up and decided to take her fans through her morning schedule.


And the first thing that Lizzo did, was go to the bathroom. And the singer took a number 2 on Live. Yes, you read that right.

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MTO News is not going to repost video, because it's waaaaay too disgusting. But here's a still image of Lizzo, showing off her "morning p**p" vibes. 



In addition to making hit songs, Lizzo has become famous for her outrageous behavior: she frequently wears inappropriate clothing in public, and shows off her nude body on Instagram - which has a strict no nudity policy.

But Lizzo's new antics take things way further than she's ever done before.

And for what it's worth - it appears to be getting her just the kind of attention that the big gal craves.

She's currently going viral, and millions of people are talking about her.