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Poo Star Lizzo is going viral this morning, and not for a good reason.

The 300+ pound singer decided to throw a Juneteenth celebration, and share pics of her celebration with fans.

Juneteenth is a day where African American commemorate the end of the brutal form of slavery that they were subjected to in the United States.

Lizzo celebrated the occasion by eating fried chicken and watermelon. And by drinking large quantities of grape soda. Many found her "celebration" pics demeaning and degrading to Black people.

Here’s her post:

Now Black people all over social media are blasting the bloated singer, for using racial stereotypes.

Lizzo's fan base is largely non-Black, and so her comments aren't filled with criticism from "White fans."

But Black people online are Blasting Lizzo for her post. Here is a sample of the comments critical of the pudgy singer.

 I’m tired of fat black women representing us. 

We have no standards. No standards when it comes to our physicality. No standards when it comes to behavior in public.

Imagine how little black boys feel when they see other races of boys have their women presented as being slim, carefree and posh while we are represented as being defiant, overweight, social justice warriors.

like Lizzo but do feel her blowup in mainstream (white) success is because she gives off a "Sassy Fat Black Best Friend" vibe. Fun, but not intimidating.