Lizzo Gains 40 Lbs During Quarantine & Celebrates Gain By Twerking!


Like many of us, pop singer Lizzo has been doing a lot of sitting around lately while eating during the current Covid-19 quarantine. And MTO News has learned that as a result of this, the singer has gained a reported 40 lbs!

Before the quarantine, Lizzo - who stands at 5'10" weighed about 260 pounds and now weighs approximately 300 pounds.

Most women would be worried or upset that they packed on 40 pounds, but not Lizzo. Instead the pop singer posted a video celebrating her new body.

The BBW singer showed off her extra thickness, by posting a video of herself twerking in some shorts that she calls "too cute."

And her fans seem to like the extra-thick Lizzo. The comments were filled with fans praising her for her body, and her unmatched confidence.