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Pop singer Lizzo is going viral this morning - for her bizarre and potentially inappropriate behavior at last night's Los Angeles Lakers game.

First off, the singer wore a very revealing outfit to the game - which had a lot of children in attendance. 

The pop singer wore a long t-shirt with the back cut out, exposing her butt cheeks. 

The Laker's played against Lizzo's former home team the Minnesota Timberwolves. Lizzo gave a sartorial nod to another Minnesota icon, former mentor Prince, whose iconic assless pants worn at the 1991 VMAs will forever live in infamy. Putting her own spin on the look, Lizzo wore a black “Notorious B.I.G.” (or was it “L.I.Z.”?) t-shirt dress to LA’s Staples Center, with strategic cutouts exposing her own cheeks, covered in only a thong and fishnet stockings.


Then during the game, Lizzo stood up and started twerking - right in front of a child:

And she appeared to be intoxicated. During a break in the game, the TV announcers interviewed her - and she shamelessly began flirting with one of the players, Minnesota Timberwolves' Karl Anthony Towns.


Lizzo's behavior and outfit choice seems to be a direct violation of the NBA's official fan code of conduct which states:

Guests will enjoy the basketball experience free from disruptive behavior, including foul or abusive language and obscene gestures.

MTO News reached out to the NBA, to see whether they plan on taking any action against Lizzo. So far, we haven't heard back from the league.