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Little Women: LA star Briana Renee is finally divorced from her husband, Matt Grundhoffer, following years of alleged abuse she suffered at his hands.

RadarOnline reports that the Riverside Superior Court in California, a Judgment for Dissolution on Reserved Issues on Dissolution with Children and Declaration for Default or Uncontested Dissolution was filed on August 7, 2019.

Briana claimed that Matt verbally assaulted her throughout her marriage, but her claims get more disturbing.

According to Briana, she allegedly found graphic sexual messages between Grundhoffer and another woman.

“The conversations were recent and involved bestiality and the proposals of sex acts with minor children, including the proposal of involving sex acts with Matthew’s minor child, age 12, from a previous relationship,” she reportedly claimed. “I am fearful for him to be left alone with our minor son.”

On the show, her castmates had been urging her to leave him for years after he repeatedly cheated on her and belittled her in front of them.