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LisaRaye Shares Why She Went Off On Sister Da Brat

LisaRaye went viral earlier this week when her sister Da Brat tried to surprise her on her birthday -- and she flipped out on live air.

She explained to the ladies why she had such an explosive reaction.

"That's my sister, that ain't going nowhere. I just gotta wait until she feels comfortable to tell me about life... her life. Because I thought that I would know. But, evidently, I had to take a step back and I'm just trying to figure out how far back to step, that's all. And if I step too far back, then you may have to take the long arm to get me back, is what I'm saying."

She continued, "When I had shit going on, I shared it with everybody. So, when you've got sh*t going on and you're happy, that's a happy time in your life that you wanna share with the people you love, but I had to hear it from the blogs. I had to hear it from the radio stations, I had to hear it on Rickey Smiley, I had to hear it from everybody else. I called her auntie and was like, 'yo, what's up, what's happening?' [She told me], 'she gone call you'. Okay!"