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LisaRaye McCoy has issued a warning to Nicole Murphy, telling her to tread lightly as she claims she has "receipts" to back up her claims that Nicole messed around with her then-husband, Michael Misick.

LisaRaye spoke candidly during a recent visit to The Wendy Williams Show, and she had a lot to say:

The Player's Club actress says that she demanded a face to face with the woman who helped to destroy her marriage:

"When [Nicole] got here and said I lied was like wait a minute, you should plead the fifth because pleading the fifth would've been like—now you are outwardly saying I'm lying," she said. "You know we had a conversation about this, come talk to me. Don't make me do it with the receipts, don't make me do it," she told Wendy.

But she would not divulge as to what or where these receipts are:

 "Here's the thing, I don't ever talk about nothing I don't know, just know that about me," she said. "I'll tell you this, the only reason this is coming up again, why am I talking about this again? I've been divorced for almost ten years, but I've done some soul searching within and some reflection."