LisaRaye McCoy On Sister Da Brat's New Relationship:  She Like It? I Love It

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Actress Lisa Raye McCoy, the sister of Atlanta legend, Da Brat, has revealed that she is happy for her sister after she went public with her relationship with fiancé, Jesseca Dupart. 

"I think it's just fantastic when you can find someone and build any kind of relationship that you can build on and that can be solid enough for you to be able to be yourself, and to be able to share that with the world," she told Madame Noire.

"That's awesome. People kill me when they ask, who you dating? You gonna get with this person? You married? It's like, look, none of that will be a secret. When you're happy, you're happy to share that news with anybody. It's going to show on your face, they're going to see a ring on your finger, you're not trying to hide that kind of happy news. So I'm glad she's living in her truth. She like it? I love it."