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LisaRaye McCoy is still gunning for former friend Duane Martin, saying that she would not "spit on him if he was on fire" in a recent interview.

"I just know he's not my friend anymore," she said on The Wendy Williams Show. "He was my brother, I called him my brother and for me, at the time, he was my example. Being a married couple, I wanted to be around them because I wanted [them] to show me how to be a new wife."

She continued: "He started being in places he shouldn't have been, along with the shenanigans. I made it very clear we were not friends anymore, he was not welcome in my home anymore. Let me be clear, I never said Duane broke my marriage up, I said he was a friend of mine, and he shouldn't have been in places that he was in with my now ex-husband."

LisaRaye blames Martin for breaking up her marriage, and it seems that there is no saving their friendship:

"When you tell a person, 'You're no longer my friend, if I see you, you don't have to ever speak to me again, if you were on fire I wouldn't spit on you. If I said these things to you, that means I no longer give a damn about you.' I know that he can not break up my marriage, no one can do that, you're only responsible -- you and your husband. But there's a code of conduct you must have when you're in a relationship, and he broke that, he broke the friendship."