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LisaRaye Is SINGLE AGAIN . . . Dumped Fiance . . . For Being 'TOO BROKE'!!!


LisaRaye McCoy broke up with er fiancé, reportedly because he was "too broke" for her.

Last month, LisaRaye McCoy got engaged to a man she met on ABC’s The Proposal. The contestant, Anthony Bryant, proposed to actress LisaRaye McCoy on Live television - and she said yes.

LisaRaye, who is a successful actress, businesswoman and mother from Los Angeles, CA, chose Anthony, a 44-year-old sales representative from Chicago, IL, from a group of men she met on the show.

Anthony proposed marriage to LisaRaye after knowing her for less than one hour on ABC's new pageant-style reality dating series, which filmed about two months ago.

Anthony was one of 10 men who competed for Raye's heart in four rounds of competition, including swimwear and "dealbreaker questions."

LisaRaye has been outspoken about her gold digging ways. She has been quoted as saying that being all Black women should be "gold diggers." 

McCoy has a daughter named Kai Morae Pace (b. 1989) from a previous relationship with Kenji Pace. 

In 1992, McCoy married Tony Martin. They divorced in 1994. In April 2006, McCoy married Michael Misick, who had been elected the Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands (a position previously known as "Chief Minister of the Turks and Caicos Islands") in 2003. They were married in a lavish ceremony before 300 guests, followed by a three-week honeymoon to Jerusalem, Bali and Dubai. 

During their marriage, McCoy's title was "First Lady of Turks and Caicos." In August 2008, Premier Misick released a statement announcing that he and McCoy were divorcing. 

Misick resigned from office in March 2009 after an investigation found "clear signs of corruption" involving selling off public land to fund his own investments. He fled Turks and Caicos, and was eventually arrested in Brazil and extradited back to the islands to stand trial.