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LisaRaye McCoy Misick is claiming that her former friend Duane Martin "stole" her husband from her. Duane has been hit with "gay" rumors in the past, because of his unusually close friendship with actor Will Smith.

And LisaRaye may be adding fuel to the fire with her explosive comments.

In a new clip from her upcoming appearance on the TVOne series Uncensored that leaked online,  LisaRaye describes how her marriage fell apart after her 'All of Us' co-star Duane Martin started "hanging ou"t with her then husband, Turks and Caicos Prime Minister Michael Misick.

LisaRaye accuses Duane, who at the time was married to actress Tisha Campbell-Martin, of introducing Michael Misick to an endless parade of loose women, despite the fact she was the one who introduced them.

LisaRaye also suggests that Duane somehow told "her dirt" to Michael, causing further strife in their marriage.

She suggests that Duane was "intentionally" trying to end their marriage. But LisaRaye doesn't suggest what Duane's end goal was with her wealthy ex.

Earlier this week LisaRaye also continued with dragging Nicole Murphy’s tapered edges, and claiming she had an affair with her ex-husband Michael Misick.

Murphy flatly denied the claim that she had a fling with a married man when she appeared on The Wendy Williams Show.

However, The Player’s Club actress has thrown down the gauntlet. OK Magazine reports that McCoy said if Murphy has a problem with her account of an alleged hook up between her and her ex-Misick (while they were still married), she might want to have a “face-to-face.” McCoy says that the beautiful vixen “might want to come see me.”

“She [Nicole] did this play on words. ‘I did not break up LisaRaye’s marriage.’ It’s like, nope. No. I didn’t say that. I never said that you broke up my marriage, that ain’t what I said. So you know, I’m going to let her play on words on that and she might want to come see me, she might see me and tell me that face-to-face. I would accept that,” LisaRaye, 52, explained Tuesday on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.

Murphy has been on the defense battling against claims that she’s a hot mess of a homewrecker after she was caught on camera kissing up on Training Day director Antoine Fuqua who is actively married to actress Lela Rochon.