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Bravo's Real Housewives Of Atlanta is bringing back one of its original cast members - Lisa Wu Hartwell.

MTO News had been hearing for months that Bravo was considering bringing back the former housewife, and now it's a reality.

Two nights ago, the Bravo cameras were filming an event with Marlo Hampton and Tanya Sam - and Lisa popped up for the filming. We can confirm that the three ladies all appeared on camera, but participated in the scene.

It's not yet clear whether Bravo intends on bringing Lisa back for a full time or part time role on the show.

But we can tell you that so far production is NOT HAPPY with the footage that they've been getting all summer. One source in production told us that all the existing storylines are "boring."

One top producer with the show told MTO News, "We're trying a lot of different things this season, including bringing back old favorites (like Lisa)."

Here are pics of Lisa looking lovely, with Marlo and Tanya:


Lisa's official Bravo bio reads: Living a fast-paced life as a mother of three, Lisa’s never-ending energy keeps her on the move. With her real estate business slowing because of the economy, her entrepreneurial spirit kicks in and she decides to launch a clothing line, “Closet Freak.” To her surprise, she finds her biological clock is ticking, and debates expanding her family by having another baby, but Ed’s NFL career might throw a wrench in the plans. Lisa is thrown into the midst of all the drama between the other housewives as old rumors resurface.