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Lisa Vanderpump all but announced during an interview on Daily Mail TV that she's quitting the Bravo show. She told the interviewer, “After 380 episodes sometimes you have got to say – okay enough.” 

According to Lisa, she's exhausted by all the drama that's been going on with her two good friends Dorit Kemsley and Kyle Richards. Lisa explained that she’s still “hurt” from the fallout with Dorit and Kyle, and that her on-screen fight with Kyle did not leave her “in a good place mentally.”

Lisa, who gained fame and fortune in the restaurant business, admits that she took on too much - and that led her to just walk away mid-season.

“Unfortunately this season in Housewives it just became too much for me, where I was in my life at the time, personal things I was dealing with I did not cope so well,” Lisa confessed.“So I was not as ready to take on maybe what Housewives entailed. I just floundered.”

“I opened Tom Tom, I brought that to fruition, I was working hard on this. We were working hard with our philanthropy with our dogs. We are opening a sanctuary in China. We had a lot of things going on.”

She continued: “I lost my only sibling, I was doing Vanderpump Rules – I am an EP on that. There was a lot going on. And all this stuff I think it was unfair. And it kept coming at me. It just became too much really.”

According to Lisa, reality TV is different for her because unlike other Housewives she’s a businesswoman first and foremost.

“I am not a housewife that created a business… and to me when I signed up to Housewives it was a lot of fun. Being a restaurateur, businesswoman and philanthropist is paramount to me. So I will continue to do that after Housewives because that is what I do,” she said.

While Lisa is leaving the Housewives, she has no plans to leave her own show - Vanderpump Rules. Season 8 of Vanderpump Rules starts filming very soon.